Upon leaving the bottom turn have the sights set on the top of the wave that breaks in front of you.

When you get below the crest, resting on your backfoot, swinging his shoulders in the direction to take to execute the maneuver.The shaft of the upper body must precede your turn.

Initiating your re-entry, the table rotates on the back. As this is redirected in the direction of the slope, loose and you tilt yourback support your weight slightly forward. At the end of your re-entry position as you take off again.

Re-entry of the lip: He’s not a rentry below the crest of the wave if not over the lip of the wave. The movement is the same, but the impact of the wave makes the maneuver more difficult.
To stay well on the way down, bend at the output of your rentry, the table rather flat and spreading your braces on both feet.

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