The Aerialisone of the maneuversthat will undoubtedlyhave more difficultyin the surfbut alsois the most spectacularof all.A variety ofairdepending onthe positionadopted in theairand rotations ofthe table orsurfer.Air180 º, 360 º, flip, superman, reverse, are some of the types ofaerials we can do it.

The mostimportant when  you go to do itis take agood speed and takecontrolof thebottomsurfboard.Youneed to make a bottom turn inhalfwall of the waveto keepthe speedwe have,we got to thelip andcollided, checking offthe bodywell positionedin the table tomake asmooth and controlled reception in the wave.

Is one of the maneuverswitha greater degree ofcomplication. Wellnow there ismoretogo overboard andgive ithard!

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