Types of surfboards

The tow-in boards are designed for surfing towed by jet skis.They are smaller and narrower, and have footstraps to keep the board attached to the feet at all times, thus achieving greater control and stability in maneuvers in waves. You need a medium to high level and lots of practice to master this kind of surf, and of course someone to tow the jet ski.

The fish is a type of board designed for small and medium waves with little force. Table is ideal when the waves are of poor quality as to be wide and flat curve with little flabby well on waves. They are also very maneuverable because they are short and have swallowtail. To be somewhat thicker than a shortboard have good buoyancy, making it easier to paddle. This table type does not work well in big waves or hollow. 

The shortboard is a retro-inspired designs of the 70s, with shapes that can be somewhat strange. They are thick, with lots of surface in the up front, little curved, and rather short. We can find or pin dovetail with 1, 2, 3 or even 4 keels. You need a medium to get all the juice to retro, and move better in small to medium waves with little force. In bigger waves or very hollow not work as well.

The shortboard is the most common type of table and the design evolved. They are versatile because they offer a good balance between speed and maneuverability, and apply to all wave conditions. The type of table is more technical, so you need a medium to get all the juice.

This is the best option to learn how to surf since they are larger and thicker than shortboards and are slightly rounded tip, which gives stability and buoyancy, while acceptable for beginners maneuverability. Its design makes it easier to paddle and surf the waves from the first day.

This is a large table round tip, something smaller and more maneuverable than a longboard. It has good buoyancy making them stable and easy paddling. This is also a good option to learn how to surf or to the days of small waves and flabby. This type of table allows the maneuvers also typical longboard.

These tables with tapered tip and tail are specially designed for surfing big waves. Usually higher against larger the size of the waves to be surfing. This table design can accelerate long, sharp and pick up speed in big waves, while maintaining high stability thanks to its tapered design. It takes a high level to master these tables.

Large round end table also called plank. Ideal for small and medium waves, and if the surfer has experience also applies to big waves. They are used to a kind of surfing maneuvers characteristic of this type of table. Easy to paddle but difficult to trace when the waves are a bit larger.

Tables designed to move from standing at all times, both the wave and beyond. They are very wide and thick to support a person standing with stability. Used to propel a flexible paddle which also serves to maneuver on the wave. It’s a fun choice for small wave days with little force.

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